Matches can be rearranged to be played during the same weekend if agreed by both captains

Saturday matches will commence at 2:30 pm and Sunday matches will commence at 10:30 am


10 June The Shires   v  Clee Bowls

                    Carr Lane   v  Blossom Way


17 June Blossom Way   v  The Shires

          Clee Bowls   v  Carr Lane


24 June Blossom Way   v  Clee Bowls

       Carr Lane   v  The Shires


1 July  Clee Bowls   v  The Shires

                Blossom Way   v  Carr Lane


8 July  The Shires   v  Blossom Way

       Carr Lane   v  Clee Bowls


15 July  Clee Bowls   v  Blossom Way

      The Shires   v  Carr Lane


If it is necessary to rearrange the match fixture to another date altogether, the rearranged date must be before the original date, except in exceptional

Circumstances agreed with the Section Secretary, and details of the rearranged date must be sent to the Section Secretary by both team captains or secretary. Matches which have to be rearranged after the original date, due to the original fixture being void in the event of the umpire and/or green keeper deciding that no play or no further play is possible, and the match is incomplete, must be rearranged as soon as possible after the original date.

If less than 15 ends (in total by all three rinks) have been played when the match is cancelled, then the whole fixture is void.

The names and addresses of all registered players (men and or ladies) Shall be registered with the Section Secretary at least twenty-four hours before playing. Emergency registration of a previously unregistered player(s) may be made by identification on the match sheet whether playing at home or away.